Thursday, 10 March 2011

Week of colors: GREEN

Today's green, the easy one since green is my favorite color. Here are some random green images I found in my photos:

morning dew; sweet juicy grapes; asparagus- one of my favorite vegetables; bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London; facade of a house in Lavagna, Italy; after the rain; in the park.

For some more greenery, please visit lovely Francesca.

Tomorrow's black. A challenge!


  1. Beautiful shots again Kasia. That is a book shop where I'd love to spend a lot of time!
    About the house in Lavagna, I just learned that pea green is one of the traditional colors for building exteriors in Liguria - I never knew! Most houses here seem to be peach or pink.

  2. oh, this is such a lush and beautiful post! i adore green, too. mmmmmmm.

  3. Green always makes me feel good - one more reason to live in the Pacific Northwest!