Friday, 11 March 2011

Week of colors: BLACK

Black and white photography :)
I rarely post b&w photos here so decided to take advantage of today's choice of color. Black used to be my favorite when I was a teenager and then in my early twenties (I still own quite a lot of black clothes...). Today I'm sharing some of b&w images, a nice change from all the colorful ones :)

a good cup of cappuccino; make a wish...; tree in the park nearby; walk in Nervi, Genoa; Piazza De Ferrari, also in Genoa; old cinquecento  in Siena, Italy;

Thank you, Francesca, for Week of Colors: it's been fun!


  1. ha! black. ever so dramatic. thank you.

  2. Make a wish, stunning! I should do more b&w (and finally go to genova), thanks for the inspiration!

  3. fave is the dandelion(make a wish). it's amazing! you should post in black more often... each of them is wonderful.

  4. Kasiu, piękne zdjęcia robisz! Bardzo piękne.
    I czy dobrze wypatrzyłam Twoją córcię na jednym?
    W takim razie zamieszczę mojego smyka u siebie na Okiem mym :-)

  5. Black and white photographis you made looking very glamorous and stylish..If I were Vogue magazin I'll bay it for my journal )))

  6. Beautiful pics, Kasia! Love black and white photography.