Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Corner View: On my kitchen counter.

Goodies from the farmers' market!
Actually, I took these photos some time ago. I wouldn't dare to take a photo of my kitchen counter today, it's quite messy. Our kitchen is so tiny that I keep most things like mugs and jars on the counter. It gets chaotic very quickly, especially when C. is cooking. He's a great cook but the kitchen looks like a  battlefield afterwards :)

For more corner views, please visit lovely Francesca.
Happy CV Wednesday!


  1. I love the treausures from the market on your counter. xo

  2. looks so nice and fresh :)

  3. Beautiful and delicious food collection! Guten Appetit! ;)

  4. Beautiful farmer's market goodies. Yogurt and marmalade...mmmm.

    When my husband cooks, it also looks like something exploded - but on the other hand, I am so glad he cooks!

  5. that's blatantly cheating but we shall say nothing :)
    aaaah. been making lots of fresh juices lately so also lots of fruit/veg around here.

  6. same thoughts as chez francesca : great cooks make messes...
    i love the sight of all those vegs. i could just jump right in, pull out my camping tools... ha ha ha...

  7. mmmm.... a bag full of yummies!!
    kitchen mess = real kitchen!

  8. What gifts those farmer's bring!