Tuesday, 1 March 2011

London Zoo.

We went to the zoo last week. I'm not a big fan of those kind of places (seeing monkeys in cages or zebras shivering from cold makes me pretty sad) but C.'s parents (who came to visit us for few days) really wanted to take G. to the zoo. We thought: ok, it might be fun. And it was. We didn't see much though, we went quite late and we didn't consider ques to get the tickets so we didn't have time for everything. We loved bugs pavilion as well as butterfly "house" (it did look a bit like  a bouncy castle from outside...). The weather wasn't great and we got pretty cold. Actually, the weather hasn't been great for days now. You can't believe how glad I am that February is over...


  1. i can certainly believe how glad you are, 'cos i'm 'gladder'... ha ha ha...
    you shot yourself some pretty ones though, in the zoo. i might be tempted to go see the butterflies next time i'm in london...?

  2. Nadine: It's absolutely worth it: the butterflies fly freely around you. The only minus is that the space is small and crowded with visitors.

  3. Me too - bring on March. But you got some gorgeous photos!

  4. Amazing photos, Kasia! Hope you had a nice visit with C's parents. It's back to winter here too :(

  5. The photos are amazing! Really! Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring!

  6. Kasia,
    These photos are absolutely wonderful. I like them all, but my favorite is the giraffe . . . wow.

    Zoos are strange places, aren't they?


  7. Stunning photos, Kasia. It's always a pleasure discovered your new ones along with their post. I hated crowded places too but I have to become braver in order to visit Genova and its acquarium again.
    The salamander (is that a salamander? I'm not sure) pic is so perfectly taken. Hai colto l'attimo!