Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Little update.

Not much has been happening on my needles recently. There are few projects I've been working on for a while but it seems like it takes ages to complete them. I feel a bit slow with my needles; I have million ideas running in my head though. And I bought new yarn, again... Just couldn't resist; last days have been so cold and grey and depressing and I feel so hungry for colors now.

One of my work in progress: baby sweater. Only sleeves need to be done and some finishing touches. I miss colors so much and yet for some reason I'm knitting something grey. I might call it "Topolina" (little mouse). After finishing it, I will play with pinks and blues and greens again, I swear.


  1. Piękne kolory!!! Kupujesz takie czy farbujesz?:)

  2. Alu, te kolorowe wloczki kupuje, glownie online. Probowalam sama farbowac i wciaz mam zamiar, tylko czasu tak wciaz za malo na wszystko...

  3. I have the same malady - lots of ideas and no will to do stuff
    : )
    Those are some beautiful yarns!

  4. pretty yarns :D I'm hungering for color here too, the warm weather keeps teasing us!

  5. Też muszę pobuszować na ebay :)