Thursday, 25 November 2010

4 days in Italy.

Warning: this is image heavy post :)

Day 1: The arrival.
We flew to Milan (it wasn't possible to get direct flights to Genoa for our dates). On our way back from the airport we stopped in Arona to see Lake Maggiore. The day was perfect, sunny and crispy and the views were breathtaking.

Day 2: The wedding.
The ceremony took place in beautiful Zoagli, a small town on Ligurian coast. While waiting for all guests to gather and for bride and groom to arrive, I managed to snap some photos of picturesque surroundings. The weather wasn't great but it didn't rain much which actually was great: the ceremony took place outside Torre Saracena, an old tower overlooking the sea and the hills (very romantic scenery to get married!). We all gathered under umbrellas to witness this special moment of M. and T. tying the knot.

View from Torre Saracena di levante:

The bride looked stunning.

After the ceremony we celebrated that beutiful day in a restaurant Chiavari. And guess who had a lot of fun... Little G. of course. She totally freed her spirit: I'd never seen my girl so happy and cheeky and cheerful and crazy and out of control at once. She is so funny! We are happy we could be there for such a special occasion.

Day 3: Visiting family.
On Sunday, after lunch with C.'s parents we all went to see some of the family in Vernazzola, one of the nicer parts of Genoa, very close to the sea. The weather was really ugly that day, terrible rain and strong wind and I didn't take many photos to share with you. I like this "shark" boat, it looks funny.

Day 4: The departure.
We had our flight back to London in the afternoon so before going to the airport we decided to have a short walk in Milan. There's something I really love about Milan. Although the city itself looks a bit too grey and dark, there's this special atmoshere in the air. People smile more, I think. I'd like to visit Milan for longer than a brief moment. We only spent there few hours or so as we did last year as well.

The last five photos were taken in famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. such a beautiful country! that last picture is stunning. (and the bride's hair? wow.)

    what i really want to know is how was it to be there?

  2. These are the most stunning photos! I love the photo of all the buildings in town. Even the lanterns are gorgeous!

  3. I love your photos! And I love that country - wish I could go to Italy again soon. Lucky you!

  4. Such beautiful photos! And such a wonderful experience. (I totally agree about the bride's hair - wow!) It will be hard to get back to normal life after all that!

  5. Beautiful photos Kasia! I'm in Milan this weekend, and already wish I could spend more time here!

  6. Lovely. How did you get all the images to look antiqued???? I love whatever application you are using. Is it throug your phone or photoshop???