Friday, 20 February 2015

Shop announcement!

Once again.. it's been a while since I last posted anything here. Life has been very, very busy lately but I just wanted to share some exciting news. After months of preparation, I am finally ready to re-open my Etsy shop. I've been wanting to do it in such a long time and now I feel like this is the right moment. Tomorrow is C.'s birthday and re-opening my Etsy corner will be one of best gifts for him- he's always been my biggest fan, my greatest motivation and support. 

I've been working on my projects during those cold, winter evenings and the more I knit and crochet for Etsy, the more and more I want to make. My head is spinning with ideas.

At the moment I'll be offering knit and crochet garments for babies but I'm working on ladies' accessories, shawls and cowls too. I hope I will be able to update my shop on a regular basis.

I'm planning to list new garments later tonight, so please come and have a peek :-)

Wishing you a peaceful weekend!


  1. Hoorah! I love how you put big flowers on your hats. I'm assuming "C" is the hubbie? Terrific how he had his woman's back!

    1. Hi Kepanie! Thank you for your nice comment! Yes, C. is the hubbie and he's been very supporting, always giving me that positive kick and motivating that I should doing what I love :-)

  2. That is very exciting! Good luck. It is wonderful to have such good support....I have been enjoying your Instagram sneak peeks...

  3. Love that C is one of your biggest fans!
    Everything look beautiful, Kasia. Well done on re-opening your shop.