Sunday, 30 November 2014

Weekending... and the giveaway winner!

It's been yet another rainy, dark November weekend; we spend most of it at home. But I can't really complain: it feels somehow comforting to be indoors, warm and cosy, while gray clouds outside are heavy with rain. Today we had an earthquake too. Though it was short, it scared me to bits- I'd never experienced an earthquake before.

We managed to catch up on some works on the house. Kids' bunk bed that we've been building for the past two weeks or so is almost done. The progress is slow because we have only time over the weekend and there are so many things to do that sometimes it feels overwhelming. Today C. was able to make bookshelves for kids' books while I was making Christmas cards with G. I can't believe it is already this time of year...

 And it's also time to reveal the winner of Knit Bake Sew Giveaway! :-)
Thank you all who left their comment under my previous post. And the winner is: Monica!

Congratulations! Evin, the author of the book, will contact you shortly to gift you a free e-copy of her fabulous book.



  1. I see your shelf of lovely ceramics. I'm glad it survived the surprise earthquake. Here in the bay area, we are so used to them. The last one we had was the strongest and most of us were dead asleep, LOL.

    1. Hi Kepanie! The earthquake wasn't that strong, we could feel the house shaking and things clinking on the shelves but it was mild, I'd say. However, as it was my first earthquake ever it really made impression on me! ;-)

  2. Kasia, what a lovely surprise! Thank you, I am excited to flip through it!

    I've experienced quite a few earthquakes myself, and yes, they can be unsettling! Glad to hear it was just mild.

  3. Congratulations to Monica. I don't like earthquakes either,
    doesn't matter how strong or weak they are....still don't like
    Cheers, Anita.