Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hello March!

I’m so glad that February is finally over. Every year it proves to be the ugliest, the coldest, the most dreadful month that brings nothing else but melancholy and sickness. This past February was especially unkind: cold and rainy and dark. We all got flu at the same time; having two sick kids at home is never fun but being sick yourself makes it ten times worse. I don’t think I’d ever been that sick before. The misery lasted for over two weeks; finally we got our strength back.

But March... Oh, March… it feels so much better already. It’s still cold, the trees are still bare and we are still in our winter jackets but I can already feel spring in the air. The season of awakening, my favourite. And this year, it’s going to be special. I just know it. 


  1. oh, so sorry for you and your little ones! hope march is going to be kinder ... and if not (weather wise), at least it will be more colorful!
    sending warm hugs to all.

  2. Yes indeed, March will indeed be special, right along with this year!