Wednesday, 29 January 2014


January is almost gone and I don’t even know how that happened. The New Year started with a big bang, G. turning five, and then our days, previously filled with activities (settling in, catching up with family and friends, celebrating Christmas etc) suddenly became quieter, flat and flavourless. I switched myself into hibernation mode and I seem not to be able to wake up. It’s been raining a lot lately and it feels as the rhythm of rain is the rhythm of these January days: a bit melancholic and overwhelmingly monotonous...


  1. Ciao Kasia!
    Nice to see your photography, even in winter. Have a great blistery day.

  2. Not one bit of flavorless reflected in those beautiful images. :)
    Happy Winter!

  3. happy birthday to G!
    i thought of you on monday, when we were in genova (Gaslini, so not a good time for anything else). finding excitement in winter is very hard for me too, but the days are longer now, and when there's more light ... there must be less gray, right? (lame ending, but i wasn't sure where i was heading with that statement).

  4. I'm turning on lights, lighting candles, opening curtains wide and doing just about anything to bring in more light. A grey winter is tough on the psyche, but Spring is coming!

  5. "It can't be raining all the time"- as was sayin The Crow one of my favorite films.But it seems it can:( Winter this year is sucks i can't wait the spring time but when it will be?:(

  6. Fotografie pelne poezji a header tez wspanialy: Niebieska filizanka z goraca czekolada ;)