Monday, 11 March 2013

Winter's still here...

When it snowed few weeks ago, I was pretty happy about it. I welcomed wintery weather with a smile. But now I think I've got enough. This has been going on outside since yesterday:
Winter is overstaying its welcome.

 And it's been so cold lately...
So I cast on for yet another pair of mittens to keep my hands and my thoughts warm....


  1. It HAS been a long winter...hang in there, Spring is coming! And those mittens look so cozy!

  2. snowy and cold weather at the end of winter is indeed hard to take. love what this wintry march weather is inspiring you to knit, though! :)

  3. Your mitts look so warm and toasty!

  4. Wow. I hope you don't have to get out in that weather! Makes me shiver just to look at the photos - esp the first one where you can tell that the wind is blowing. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way!