Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Corner View: Countdown

It's not hard to guess what I am counting down right now. 30 weeks down, 10 more to go. 5 until my maternity leave starts.
I really wanted to take a photo of my big bump this morning to post it with this CV theme but G. woke up with a bit of temperature and in a low mood. I can't be bothered to play with my camera right now, I'll leave the belly photoshoot for next CV. Instead, here's a photo of some delicious carrots: my biggest craving for the past few months. When I do grocery shopping, I sometimes want to bury my face in the box filled with carrots. That would be some amusing sight for other customers...
I'll be visiting your CVs later this evening. There's a little girl in need of my cuddles so I'd better be off.
For more CVs, please visit lovely Francesca.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Poor little G, hope she'll be well soon.
    PS we're all counting down with you! :)

  2. So funny - I can just picture it! Raw carrots gave me the most awful heartburn when I was pregnant. It was raw green peppers, flank steak and chicken salad sandwiches for me!!

  3. Ha ha ... I would surely be amused to see that !!

  4. I will look forward to seeing the belly bump. Aren't pregnancy cravings fascinating?!

  5. I hope G is feeling better! I'm impressed that you're craving carrots - a nice, healthy craving! I had a friend who craved omelets with chocolate sauce. (Or was it whipped cream? Either way a horrible combination.) And put ketchup on EVERYTHING.

  6. I hope you're fine today... Nice countdown :)

  7. That's a really exciting countdown! :o)
    So glad it's carrots you're craving for and not gherkins with cream!
    Hope G is getting well soon!

  8. never ever heard of this craving, but it is a WONDERFUL one. do you think it's the smell that does it? carrots do have an extrememly particular and pleasurable smell when fresh, i find. well, enjoy your oranges, and onto that countdown....

  9. haha I would love to see you bury your face in a box of carrots. I hope your little beauty feels better soon. Give her a kiss for me!