Friday, 31 August 2012

A Week of Colors: Green and Multicolor.

Joining Francesca in her Week of Color.
Yesterday was GREEN but I had no chance to sit down quietly and post some photos. I'm catching up today:
interesting plant/ fresh thyme in my kitchen/ fragile green/ new cardigan for G.- more about it in my next post
And today is:
colorful shoe display/ beautiful Portovenere, Italy/ colorful lunch at the feet of Peyrepertuse castle, France/ stationery wall in Paperchase, London/ multicolored painting, Genoa, Italy
For more colors, please visit lovely Francesca.
Have a great weekend!


  1. what an entry, first all the green and than all the colors!
    very nice!!

  2. Your photos make my heart sing! So stunning! Have a weekend filled with color.

  3. Is there anything better than a wall of stationary? Well, maybe a wall of yarn... I have a shamrock plant much like the one above - my favorite houseplant!

  4. Is little G feeling better? We went to Camogli yesterday, the sky and the scenery were very similar to your photo of Portovenere - must go there next time!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! They make me happy! :)

  6. Gorgeous colors! That painting would look fabulous in my house :-)

  7. All of the colors are just wonderful!
    Happy days to you!

  8. The colours almost popped out of my screen - wonderful pictures!