Monday, 27 August 2012

A Week of Colors: Blue

Joining Francesca in her summer edition of  Week of Colors. Today's BLUE:

coffee anyone?/ somewhere in the backstreet of Genoa/ letterbox in the neighbourhood/ blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Have a great week Everyone!


  1. Love the blue window!
    And the sea of course!
    Lovely collection!

  2. There are some lovely blues here! I am being cheered up by the glorious colours people are posting as it has been raining here all day.

  3. Yes, I'd like to have coffee looking out that window at the sea!

  4. Such a dainty coffee pot---I like that shade of blue. Now the shutters and mailbox are more vivid and eye-catching and I like them too.
    Then that Mediterranean Sea---Wow! I've never seen it, but I know that those of you who live near it or have at least visited it are indeed blessed. That blue is amazing!
    Also, I agree with Heather!