Sunday, 1 July 2012

FO: Summer flower.

One of my recent finished projects is this summer top for G. I made it a while ago, having our holiday in mind. There's no hope she will wear it here any time soon (rain, rain and more rain on the way...) but I do hope we will have nice sunny weather in Italy. We're leaving today and we couldn't be more excited. All we want is some blue sky above us. And we can't wait to see all family and friends!

But coming back to the summer top: I absolutely love the way it turned out. I'm not very good at crochet but every now and then I like to swap my needles for a hook and play a little bit. It was such a quick and enjoyable work. A flower detail to make it more girly. A bit of sewing (this time without swearing) and it's done. We're ready for the sun.

Project notes:
Hook: 3.5mm
Yarn: Rowan Pima Cotton, 2 skeins
Fabric: bought on sale in Jenners, Edinburgh
More photos on my Ravelry project page, here.


  1. It's gorgeous Kasia! I can just imagine little G wearing it right now :)

  2. Córcia prezentuje się rewelacyjnie, bardzo mi się topik podoba :)

  3. I believe that to be the sweetest little dress ever. Made ever sweeter my the model. Beautiful job!

  4. oh wow, that dress is stunning, and she looks so lovely in it!

  5. It's lovely, and the little girl is gorgeous!

  6. I can imagine she makes you laugh :) Love your images and the skirt looks great with the crochet top. Sometimes I think crochet tends to make a heavy "fabric". This was a great way of making it light.