Monday, 30 April 2012

Knitting again

I haven't been knitting recently as much as I'd like to but slowly I'm getting back on track with my passion. I've got head filled up with some ideas, I only have to find some more spare time to bring them to life.
I managed to finish few small projects recently. One of them is this cute little cardi for my friend's first baby due in mid May. The pattern is Abigail (Rav pattern page), very easy to follow and quick to knit. I used some lovely merino that I bought few years ago in Italy from a street vendor (I do miss those street markets). I hope my friends likes my baby shower gift for her baby girl.

The other day I played a bit with crochet flowers. It seems like G. is always losing her hair clips so I bought a box of 30 plain ones and decided to decorate them myself. My crochet skills are very limited but I'm quite happy with this simple decoration:

I even made a bigger flower and then attached it to a simple baby beanie. It will probably be given away as a gift as well. I used some Araucania Ulmo for the flower and Rowan Milk Cotton for the hat. Love the result!

And last but not least: my Shalom cardigan is almost finished (Rav pattern page). I need to weave in ends and sew the buttons on and block it.

Happy knitting!


  1. All of your finished projects are beautiful. And your friend is going to so pleased!

  2. Dear Kasia,
    nice to hear from you again. I see that you live in Scotland now. I hope you like it and enjoy it. I can also see that there is a lot of knitting going on on your side, you have so many nice projects there. And, I quite like the polish site with the knitting help, I am going to study the post on sleeves knit from top to the bottom inside the ready sweater, that is quite cool!
    Yes, my kid is better but there is always little something with him, now it is a skin problem, oh well, now with the Sun outside I hope he will get better.
    Your Gaia is beautiful! I wish you a lot of sunny days from now on.

  3. This is a good sign, and your crocheting is perfect!

  4. oh! This is so beautiful! I love those flowers!

  5. Hi Kasia!!

    I'm so happy you are connecting with your other love. You knitting is so beautiful. I do know first hand. :) I believe when we are given a talent we should not only use it, but share the beauty AND that is what you did today, simply beautiful! xo

  6. I love the hair clip! I'm glad to hear you're knitting (and crocheting) more. I miss you guys so much!!!

  7. Cudna ta czapa z kwiatem!!!!