Monday, 25 July 2011

Seven things...

I was awarded by Lete and invited to join some blog fun :) 

All awarded blogers are supposed to write seven things about themselves so here they are:

Seven random things about me:
1. I love spinach, I could eat it every single day.
2. I'm a real coffee addict. I wont function properly if I don't have my morning fix ;)
3. I used to learn seven foreign languages but can only speak two of them without embarrassment ;)
4. I love cooking but I'm completely hopeless when it comes to baking. I can only bake gingerbread and oat cookies and even these don't always come out right ;)
5. I love mountains more than sea.
6. I've tried to be a vegetarian few times but no luck so far.
7. My favourite color of all times is green (even my nickname on Ravelry (verdeka) shows it: "verde" means green in Italian and "ka" are the first letters of my first name)

Funnily enough, it was't that easy to write seven random things about myself.
I am supposed to pick up 16 other lovely bloggers to join the fun but instead I'm inviting anyone who wants to play. Just leave a link to your "seven random things about yourself" in the comments so I can visit you :)

Thank you Lete for the award!


  1. I love spinach too. During my pregnancy I could eat spinach lasagne all the time. ;-)

  2. I love spinach too!! one of my favourite veggies. What a great little list!

  3. Lete and Julie: Yay! Spinach rocks! :)

  4. so interesting to learn where verdeka comes from, I always assumed it to be some polish noun!