Thursday, 2 June 2011

FO: Strawberries and peaches.

Today I finally finished this summer cardi for my daughter. Simple, seamless and sweet like strawberries and peaches on a hot sunny day. I am so pleased with the final result. I was worried it was going to be too small but I can see it fits little G. perfectly and I think she will wear it a lot. She looks pretty cute in it, doesn't she?

Project notes:
Yarn: Araucania Pomaire, 1.2 skeins
Needles: 4mm/ US6
Ravelry project page

The weather was marvellous today, warm and sunny with perfectly blue sky. We enjoyed staying in the park most of the afternoon and the photo session went very smooth.

I particularly like the picot edging: I think this time I finally got it right. It was worth to go through the pain of time consuming cable cast off...  

Free spirit... She runs like Phoebe form "Friends" :)


  1. Jakieś 2 tygodnie temu oglądałam ten odcinek w Phoebs :-)
    Jeszcze raz napiszę, że G. wygląda w nim cudnie.I do schrupania.

  2. What a beautiful little cardi! I love the colors and it suits so well your daughter!

  3. Beautiful, Kasia! And the photos are wonderful, the yarn heart at the beginning, and happy G picking blossoms matching her new cardi.

  4. Śliczne wdzianko!!!I modelka bardzo wdzięczna!!!Nie ma to jak fotki w ruchu :)