Monday, 9 May 2011

New challenge.

Kids Clothes Week Challenge starts today and I decided to participate. I have some nice yarns and fabric ready for this projects and few garments in mind that I hope I am able to finish before the end of this week.
I will be posting about it on my knitting blog, here.
If you would like to find out more about this year KCWC, please click on the image below to be transferred to Elsie Marley's blog.

Have a creative week everyone!


  1. Why do I never learn about these things in time?!

  2. Love the fabric and gee I wonder what will you make with that pretty pink yarn?

  3. Oh, what a pity I am late! one month ago, a lady asked me if I could do two pair of knitted baby booties for a new born grandchild... Now I am in the "baby booties madness"!!Hope to sell some at the next Summer Fair in town!!
    Have a nice weekend!