Friday, 29 October 2010


It's hard to believe how fast time flies by. The golden October is almost finished, days are getting dangerously shorter and the world around seems a bit gloomier but for some reason I do like this time of year.

I'm planning on craving pumpkins this afternoon; I'm working this weekend which means that I will miss the whole "trick or treat" thing. Maybe next year, if we are still here.

Happy Haloween Weekend!


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I love the colours.
    Are you going to carve that pumpkin?
    I have two in my kitchen, ready to go under the knife :-)

  2. How nice to see little g running in the park! My one pumpkin turned out green with just a little patch or orange this year, no idea why. I was thinking of making some pumpkin bread, but it looks so pretty that I haven't had the nerve to slice it yet. Happy (working) Halloween weekend!

  3. Love these photos, especially the one of baby girl.

  4. The delicate bent over leaf of fire caught my eye, a very nice selection of fall moments. Something I do miss living here, everything is lush and green this time of year, no crunch underfoot to be found.