Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Good news: G. is doing much better! She's been eating like she has never seen food before which makes us happy, she sleeps better and her digestive system seems to be recovering. I feel like a big heavy stone fell down from my heart. I can't stop looking at G.'s face: she looks happpy again, rested and without those horrible dark circles she had last week under her eyes. Let's hope it can only get better now.

We're having sunny September here; entering fall season seems to be smooth and enjoyable (from the weather point of view, I mean). I like September, the month on the border of summer and autumn, still warm but not hot, already cool but yet not too cold. Here are some photos I've taken during our walks to the park. I might be monotonous for a while and bore you with countless images of nature around us but I can't help myself. The sun is shining, my girl is happily running, the green's turning red and I like where I am. Life is good.

Happy Fall Everyone!


  1. Happy Fall Kasia, your good news is a wonderful way to start this new season!

  2. i'm glad your little one is feeling better. enjoy the changing colors.

  3. what wonderful news!!! so happy to see that smile on her face... and that there is sunshine to go play in. that is always healing in itself.

  4. So glad your sweetheart is better! yay! I thought about her and we said a prayer too.
    Do you still want to do corner view? We are updating the list to people who are participating. Please let me know either way. Thanks so much.

  5. Good news and beautiful photos !

    That's nice !

  6. hi kasia! i´m glad to hear your daughter is feeling better! your photos are lovely. happy fall!