Monday, 12 April 2010


...finally. Days are getting longer and warmer and the sun visits us more often. There is freshness in the air that I breathe in and feel that everything can happen. Because everything is possible.

Life is much busier these days. We're slowly settling here and we know we won't be coming back to Italy for a while. I'm back to work, part-time, so I still get the chance to be with little G. as much as possible. She's growing happy and healthy and brings lots of joy into our world.

There is little time left for myself and I can't be online as often as I used to be. My blogs are a bit dusty but I hope that I am able to update them more often soon...


  1. glad to hear from you! :)

    and it seems your photo mojo certainly hasn't left you at all... wonderful pictures!

  2. these shots are gorgeous. wishing you much happiness in london. besos!

  3. Great photo! I wish I knew how to make that blurred effect in the background. Have a great time in London.

  4. gorgeous photos! lovely blog :)