Friday, 12 March 2010

Corner View: miniature worlds

In some miniature worlds there are hippos so small that even little girls have to bend to pick them up :)
And there are things so tiny like these pink socks: they used to belong to a precious little girl who was born prematurely. I got them from her mommy when I was expecting my girl and they were the sweetest gift ever. I still keep them, they're a treasure.

For some more miniature worlds, please visit Jane.

I'm sorry that I don't visit your blogs on a daily basis but these days I don't have too much time to be online. We are still in London and we have decided to stay here for longer. At the moment we're settling down which takes lots of time and energy. I hope to be back on track with my blogging soon...


  1. Oooh a cute post!! Your little baby girl is beautiful! xo

  2. your little pink treasures are adorable ...

  3. Hi Kasia! I hope your little family is settling down well in London. I'm looking forward to more news.

  4. oh
    love the hipo and the little shoes!!!

    happy weekend

  5. The hippo is darling and I love little feet wearing little bitty socks.

  6. I'm late to see this adorable CV !