Monday, 28 December 2009

Recent finished objects.

I haven't been a good knitter recently. Getting ready for Christmas didn't left too much time for my knitting passion. I have completely failed to finish Christmas cable sweater for C. It is sitting in my basket, untouched for the past two weeks or so. The front piece with cables came out very tight, much tighter than it was supposed to so I have to do it all over again...

But I did finish few things.
This hat, for exaple. Wasn't on my list at all but one day it was so cold here in Genoa that I knew I needed a warmer hat for little G. I also had some leftover yarn and since I don't really like to waste anything I decided to knit a nice warm hat out of it. It only took one evening to finish it. And in the end there was still some yarn left so I turned it into a pom-pom. And here it is:

Pom-pom hat for Baby G.
Pattern from: my head
Yarn: Jamieson's Shetland Heather
Needles: US6/ 4.0 mm

I also managed to finish Teddy bear for G. Just in time for Christmas. I did enjoy knitting all the pieces but it was a real pain to sew them all together. I admit, I cried. I wanted to throw this thing away. I lost hopes I could ever be a good knitter. Once again I understood that I just hate seaming. After few hours of fighting with needle and stitches and after few glasses of wine, this little guy was finally done. And he looked at me with his buttony eyes like he was sorry for all that troubles he'd caused. So I felt sorry too. And what's most important: G. seems to like him so it was all worth my work.

Pattern: Mr. Bean Bear by Sarah Bradberry
Yarn: Laines du Nord Giunco
Needles: US 2½ / 3.0 mm
Modifications: I made the arms much shorter as I was running out of yarn.


  1. I love the bear too - but omg the hat is beautiful!!! I just love the pattern. I'm never good at making up colors like that - it's just amazing! I love the pom pom too - I'm not good at those either. Do you use a special tool to make it? You are a very good knitter! One more thing - I HATE sewing together as well!!!!