Friday, 20 November 2009

The hat is finally done.

Although I have been knitting few hours every day, it took me couple of days to finish this hat for C. I've been occupied with other project as well. I still have Angel top on my needles and Boheme for baby G. and I'd like to finish them before my new yarn arrives.

I'm quite satisfied with the hat. However, it came out a little too big but C. prefers if his hat is not too tight, so I wont be redoing it as I thought I would. I had some problems with decreasing and I ended up mixing few patterns together. It is as it is... C. likes it and that's what counts.

I liked knitting with Laines Du Nord "Lampedusa". If I were to knit a hat for myself, I would probably use the same yarn. But I rather focus on my other works in progress before I start a new project. I really wish that the yarn I ordered was already here so I could finish my green sweater for C. Only half a sleeve is missing and the neckband.

I have also changed my mind about that purple Giunco I wrote about in my last post. After knitting a swatch I decided to use it for a bigger project rather than for a shawl as I intended. It knits beautifully and feels very nice in my hands; now I just need to look through some patterns and find some more time to knit...

Project notes:
pattern: improvised
yarn: Laines Du Nord "Lampedusa", 1 skein
needles: US9/ 5.5mm


  1. wow! you are a little knitter! i´m so jealous- you have no idea i´ve started and stopped- usually when i make a mistake because i have no idea how to fix it-there are no such thing as knitting groups here- wish we could start an online knitting group-besos!

  2. Hello Jane!
    I don't have knitting groups here either so we really should create one here :) I always start milions projects and it takes me ages to finish them... This place is my reminder!

  3. Great hat! I love the colors!