Sunday, 22 November 2009

Corner View: Menu del giorno

primo piatto: spaghetti al sugo di pesce spada
(first course: spaghetti with swordfish sauce)

secondo piatto: insalata vegetariana
(second course: vegetarian salad)

with freshly baked bread on the side

and a glass of home brewed beer

We eat out at least once a week, usually on Saturdays. First we do some shopping and than we look for a nice place to have our lunch. Every time we try to eat in different place but sometimes we come back to the same tratoria or restaurant if the food is delicious. And it usually is (but I am Italian food lover so it's difficult to make me disappointed). What you can find on the menu is differend kinds of pasta with wide choice of sauces, pizzas, salads, seafood dishes, soups, many kinds of bread etc... These photos above were taken last Saturday in a small bar/restaurant in the centre of Genoa and they show my choice from the menu that day.

Menu of the day in other corners:
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  1. Good choice Kasia! I must confess I've never eaten out in Genova, except for chez Ikea and chez Gaslini:(

  2. Hello Francesca,
    they do have nice choice of panini chez Ikea :)

  3. love the colors of the salad ... looks delicious

  4. What a great menu! I would love to have that for dinner minus the beer. I am not a beer drinker.

  5. First course...Yummy!! "all italian boys" would say: Tutto qui?? (That's all?). Bread...Oh love bread! And my favorite drink: BEER!

  6. Your blog is wonderful and I have just found it! I leave a small footprint from Sweden!

    Peace & Love


  7. Great photos of your Saturday lunch. It looks delicious.

  8. that looks like food you might find here! although I prefer Asian. my husband who's part Italian loves HIS pasta though. :)

  9. looks delicious- we also have first and second courses here too- besos! p.s. can you eat badly in italy?;)

  10. looks really to have some nice italian food

  11. Your food looks great. I like a good pasta and I'm sure if I came over to your corner I would find many.
    Great photo's!

  12. Oh yum... I could have pasta in different variations every night.
    Happy new week :)

  13. ummm home brewed beer? YUM!!!!