Monday, 27 July 2009

Lately, there has been lots of knitting going on. I recently tidied up my yarn basket and realized that I had lots of yarn to work with. I've chosen some projects but I still keep browsing Ravelry pattern base and keep finding new wonderful things I'd love to knit (if only I had enough time...). I'm honestly in love with Ravelry and although I've been a member since April 08 I only started usung it recently and discoverd what a magic place it is.

As I said before, I keep getting new yarn. I just can't resist buying it. Last Saturday we went to street market close to Piazza Martinez and I left with two bags of new yarn...

I finally tidied up my needles too...

I also finished knitting hat for one of our friend, Isabella. I only have to join seams- this is the worst part, I do not enjoy sewing seams together because I'm never able to do it neatly enough and feel disappointed; it's like sewing is the finishing touch and I always mess it up, it's pretty frustraiting and demotivating.
This is my first hat and I think it turned out very nice (well, as I said it, seams are not joined yet). I used 100% organic cotton and 4mm and 4.5mm needles (double knitting) and I love the effect. I'm in love with this color. It's a surprise as I rather chose green/brown/black colors for myself. But I do like this fuchsia color a lot. In fact, I think I will get some more yarn and make this hat for myself as well.
The pattern comes from Knitting Daily and is very easy to follow, it only takes few hours to finish the garment so it gives instant feeling of satisfaction.


Thank you all for those warm and comforting comments that you left on my last post. Your kind words mean a lot and lifted up our moods.
Thank You!


  1. fantastic ! i love ravelry too !

  2. I didn't know about the double knitting, and I'm almost tempted to find my needles again to try it out. I'm very familiar with the problem of indulging in yarn or fabrics, but, honestly, when you buy at street markets you simply have to: you can never be sure to find that stall again the next time:)! (I drove 30 kms today to buy a particular kind of string only to find that the stall was on vacation! In July!! Peak of tourist season!!!). I love the bright fuchsia color.

  3. Have you tried using circular needles. It is the only way to go for hats (and socks and well, anything really). You don't have seams *YA!* to finish up at the end and I always feel a lot less clumsy with the circs then I do with the straight needles.

    give it a shot, you might find you liek it a lot more.

    (great colors btw!)

  4. The hat is so pretty! I just made a comment yesterday that I needed to re-learn knitting again...I miss it. Picked it up in home-ec class (yes, YEARS ago), and did really well with sweaters and such, but then lost interest. Now, I'm ready again. Thanks for pushing my thoughts into action wit this post.

  5. I love the photos you took of your knitting. Oh... how I wish I could knit! xoxo

  6. oh, such beautiful colors! such a pretty pink hat :)

  7. Oh, I love this hat! I also love that you can't keep yourself from buying yarn. I'm going to look at the hat pattern. Thanks!

  8. ps. and your photos are great, too.