Friday, 24 April 2009

Siena Photos.

Siena, beautiful Siena. I fall in love with this place instantly. So much to see, so much to discover.

We didn't have the best weather. First day was all rainy and very cold but it didn't stop us from strolling around.
The weather got better the next day and we fully enjoyed exploring Siena. We spent there half a day, losing ouerselves in the maze of old narrow streets full of magic, admiring pearls of architecture, stopping by for a cup of cappuccino. It was wonderful and very exciting too- I love visiting new places and Tuscany was one of the places I always wanted to see. We are planning more trips to Pisa, Florence and Lucca.
Here are some pictures I took in Siena. Hope you enjoy them:

The wolf is a symbol of Siena. Legend says that the city was founded by Aschius and Senius, sons of Remus.

Fresco at Santa Maria dei Servi church

Spring in Tuscany. Yellow flowered meadow and olive trees. I took this photo just otside the B&B we stayed at.


  1. Nice photos: even though the weather wasn't good, the lighting is perfect! I love Tuscany, forget about Liguria!
    Thanks for the explanation you left on my blog: I can't imagine how difficult it must be to be in a foreign country with a newborn baby (in this you're lucky to be in Liguria and not in Tuscany actually)!

  2. Oh, that is so beautiful. So ruch and full of color, even on a cloudy day.

  3. What a lovely blog you have. I just discovered you through FuoriBorgo. I look forward to reading through your past posts!

  4. (I see that your email address is not listed on your blog...If you have an interest in visiting my blog, would you like to email me so I can add you?)

    Have a lovely day :)

  5. Wouawou... very beautiful pictures... I'm just dicovering your nice blog. I'll come back soon.

  6. Woow, these photos are gorgeous!!! I would love to visit there too!!!

    Have a great weekend! ox

  7. what a nice daydream this is for me today. discovering all these italian blogs via corner view makes me want to visit italy even more!

  8. Thank you all for nice comments. Thereare some more photos I would love to share with you.

    Have a great and restful weekend :)

  9. beautiful photos! wishing you a nice adn peaceful weekend too :)

  10. Thank you Trinsch :)

    Randa, thank you for your comment. I would love to read your blog. My e-mail address is


  11. Looking at the pictures of Siena, I think you already like Italy. Genoa is a big city but compared to our rainy and "blue" North, behind the Alps, it is a change to good. I just hope to cheer you up, I read you comment on Fuoriborgo's blog.

  12. Oh, Italy. Beautiful photos. Makes me longing.

  13. These photos are breathtaking. Seriously.

  14. Beatiful... Without words…

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