Thursday, 23 April 2009

Corner View- Week 2

Thank you all for such nice comments on my last post. It was a pleasure to share my lazy Sunday breakfast with you and today I'm happy to share some more delicious things. I'm one day late with my "Corner View Project" pictures because I was away and had no access to the Internet. We went to Siena for three days and it was just wonderful. I'm going to write some more about our spontaneous trip and upload some photos later. Now, let me share our Italian breakfast...

Typical Italian breakfast is cornetto and cappuccino. Usually it's just a plain croissant but of course you can get croissants filled with marmolade, cream or chocolate. I always go for the chocolate one...

To be honest, we enjoy our croisants only on weekend days. During the week I start my day with bowl of musli with milk. But on Saturday morning we go to the nearest panificio (bakery shop) to get some croissants or we prepare our own sweet breakfast. C. usually makes pancakes (as you could already see in my previous post), I usually bake some scones. I use the basic recipe as I am really hopeless when it cames to baking (I enjoy cooking much more).

We always have our scones with jams or just with butter or, like here, with fresh strawberries. And we always have cappuccino. I must be a cappuccino freak, I can have five a day...

And here is my breakfast that I had this morning at B&B in Siena where we stayed: simple piece of cake and some home made jams.

I hope you like my Italian sweet breakfast. Now, with mug of coffee in my hand, I'm going to enjoy treats from your corners.


  1. your italian breakfast looks so good! :)

  2. HHhmmm.....I also like the pancakes (other post)....hhmmm...
    Thanks for visiting my blog and we'll meet eachother next don't go anywhere, siena, firenze, milano etc. etc....;-).
    I very much like your profile description. Molto bene!

  3. Hi, I am glad you visisted my blog because now I know about yours - I will definitely be back. I still have relatives in Italy, and got my dual citizenship in 2008(!) so I am very interested to hear what is happening when I cannot be there in person! By the way, your scones made my mouth water... :)

  4. siena, wish i could see that city one day. supposed to be amazing. can't wait for your photos. i'm with you: i'd go for the chocolate croissant and i love scones too.

  5. Sigh -- I want to live in Italy.

  6. Looks like you live very close to me!!! You have a very interesting background, and I'm going to read back in your blog to see how you like Genoa (state of bliss?). In my experience, three days in Siena is what you need to have to get a sense of it: survive daytime, and wait until the masses of tourists are shepherded out of town!

  7. Mmm, I would like to taste all this things... Congratulation !

  8. looks great! I love croisants.