Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello September!

We've had a wonderful summer this year in our corner of the world. July and August brought us sunshine almost every single day, we did many trips to the sea, visited marvellous Cinqueterre, spent some quality time with family, played outside a lot and visited few new places. But as much as I love summer, I welcomed September with my arms open. This is probably my favourite time of year. The days are still reasonably long and warm but mornings and evenings are pleasurably cooler and you can feel the season is changing. The need to knit new woolen garments comes back to me and suddenly I find myself with five new projects on my needles.

On the first day of September we went to the woods to breath in fresh air, to let our hair down, to say hello to this new season. We picked up some pine cones and ate wild blackberries straight form the prickly branches. I watched my kids running and chasing each other, I watched them dancing, enveloped in siblings' love and I smiled to myself. My heart is so full.

Hello, September. 
You started well.

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  1. I concur. Watching your babies frolick about and hearing their spontaneous laughter does make a mother's heart full.