Monday, 10 November 2014

Rainy days.

These past few weeks have been very rough, weather-wise. Rain, rain and more rain on its way. We are tired, we are worried. This huge amount of water, accompanied by strong winds has already caused some damages and the worst part of it is that this rainy season has only just begun. There have been landslides, the roads are a mess, some impressive waterfalls have appeared on the hills. We have been having second degree warning for the past few days now. It's all a bit scary. 

The schools remain closed, so we stay at home, trying to organize our daily activities. It is not always easy. With a two year old toddler who doesn't stay still for a second and an active first-grader who gets bored very easily. a whole day indoors can be pretty challenging for one busy mama. But we're doing fine and, frankly, I'm possibly the only mom around here to be happy that the schools are closed. It's somehow sweet to be with my kids at home, even if at some point my patience is pushed to its boundaries. 

This rainy weather made me feel like baking today. I just needed something comforting for the kids, for us, so I decided to try out a new recipe: Lime Poppy Seed Scones. They turned out delicious! They are exactly what I crave on a day like today.

The recipe comes from "Bake Knit Sew" book by Evin Bail O'Keeffe, a fellow, talented blogger whose blog I've been admiring for years. The book has been published recently and Evin is currently having a blog-tour. I'm honored to be a part of it- I will be writing about her beautiful book soon, hosting a giveaway too, so stay tuned :-)


  1. That dies sound scary, all the best, hope the rain lets up soon. I can empathize with how "interesting" days can be with a baby and a first-grader. I had my son at home this summer...
    Oh! Baking! That is a good idea!

  2. That is a lovely fire. The scones sound interesting for the tastebuds. Tell your storm to bring it on in California.

  3. amazing how liguria looks so much alike everywhere! but you know, when i first moved here, expecting some perpetual summer weather, and was shocked by the winters, I realized that there's a reason why the hills are so green: it rains all the time!
    the book sounds wonderful, I don't know the blog, and will check it out.

  4. Oh I am jealous of your cold and comforting rain. Lovely!
    Lime poppy seed scones sound like the perfect rain day bake.