Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dyeing workshop.

Some time ago I attended yarn dyeing workshop organized by Mica of Yarn Pony in her Edinburgh studio. I’ve been interested in dyeing yarn for some time now and after experimenting at home with some food colouring as well as with acid dyes, taking a part in the workshop seemed like a natural next step for me.

The workshop was an amazing experience. Not only I could see a real yarn dyer’s studio but I could also see and learn the art of hand-dyeing step by step. Mica shared many useful tips and advices with me, things I wouldn’t probably have learnt on my own from web tutorials or books. She showed me the magic of coming up with new colours. I think I enjoyed that part the most: playing with different dyes and mixing them together in search for some interesting colourways.

And this is what I brought home:

I still don’t know what I will knit with this yarn but I will definitely use them together. I think they match each other perfectly, don't they?

Happy knitting!


  1. oh, to make color, what a fantastic experience Kasia! that pesto green is the exact color I've been looking for, but, I'm told, green yarn doesn't sell in Italy, and shades of green are impossible to find around here. pesto & saffron go well together :)

  2. Beautiful colours! The joy of discovery and color shines through!
    Happy knitting, and enjoy for the time being, and not knowing (I love that they are just what they are for now, though of course they will be knit it another `form` most likely, there is a purity in that they are radiating freshness and are so `alive` from their newly dyed colours!!)

  3. That's beautiful! How cool!

  4. They look beautiful! I also experimented with yarn dyeing earlier this year and had a blast. I am also not sure what to make with mine!