Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Quick update.

Recently finished:

Simple beanie for G. She loves this little owl and I'm glad I finally got rid of this odd skein of Artesano Aran that I bought impulsively long ago in I Knit shop (just couldn't leave the yarn shop empty handed, could I?)

 Currently in progress:
"Arleen", test knit for Dona. This is a therapeutic project, loads of smooth stockinette is what I really need these days. And I love the yarn (Cascade 220 Heathers). And the colour (silver spruce). I ordered buttons today (it was difficult to pick up the right ones...)

New in stash:
New Lanark  Aran (90% wool, 10% silk, blue, 10 skeins)
New Lanark DK (100% pure new wool, fawn, 10 skeins)
Lovely, lovely wool. I just had to cheer myself up (well, it is Wovember, isn't it?)

On my bedside table:
 Some delicious books :)


  1. That hat is just so cute! I may have to make one for my small niece :)

    And I love your blue yarns.

  2. Czapeczka ma boską tą sówkę :) A wełenki wyglądają świetnie!!!!Strasznie mi się podobają!!!!

  3. I don't know which of the photos I love more...
    I adore the colours of Artesano Aran... But the Cascade colour is gorgeous as well, great choice!

  4. Delicious books indeed. I love the little owl hat. I am actually planning on knitting the owl sweater for my niece for Christmas, and the silver spruce color is beautiful!

  5. The first book is a treat indeed!
    Waiting impatiently for your FO's :-)
    Hugs, J.

  6. Ooh! Piles of loveliness! I love buying big piles of yarn, don't you? I have the Knitter's Book of Yarn - it's fabulous! I think I need a few of those...

    And the hat!! So sweet!

  7. Oh my gosh, that owl hat is way too cute! If I were here, I'd never wear anything else!