Tuesday, 25 October 2011

FO: Prestwick.

I'm so happy with this one that I almost regret it's not mine (it was knit with love for C.)

The story behind the title: my parents were here visiting and last weekend I had to take them to Prestwick Airport for their flight back. We knew we would have to stay at the airport whole night as their flight was scheduled in early morning hours so I decided to take some knitting to keep me awake. I needed something quick and easy and Thermis seemed the best choice. And it was. I cast on on the train to Glasgow and by the time we got to the airport half of the cowl was done. I really wanted to carry on knitting but the light at the airport was really poor and it was so cold: I couldn't feel comfortable knitting with my jacket on. So I finished it the next day, at home.

I liked this pattern a lot and I will definitely knit more of these cowls. My mum ordered one and I'm planning to make one for my sister and my niece. It only takes 0.75 skein of Cascade 220 (large size) and knits up really quickly!

Project notes:
Patter: Thermis by Kris Knits
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, 0.75 skein
Needle: 4mm/ US6

And one bonus photo:
Little G., having her bad hair day but still modelling beautifully (and patiently) for her mama. ♥


  1. I've just recently fallen in love with Cascade 220 and was wondering what else I could make with it! Great idea! Just one question: isn't it a bit too rough to wear so close to the neck? Or does it soften up with washing?

  2. Hello Ivana, thank you for your comment. I left a reply to your question on your blog.
    Happy knitting!

  3. Faktycznie świetne!!!!To teraz produkcja hurtowa będzie :)Pozdrawiam serdecznie !!!!

  4. Alu, dziekuje za mily komentarz!

  5. she did model beautifully!