Wednesday, 3 August 2011

FO: Love affair.

This project was inspired by this beautiful nightdress by Francesca: when I first saw it, I fell in love with it and wanted to do something similar as a summer top. I'm not very good at working with crochet but I decided to give it a go anyway.

In the beginning it was love affair between knitting and crochet (I planned to crochet the lace part and knit the rest) but as it usually happens with love affairs: they start with excitement but they rarely work out well and they finish with tears. I don't know how many times I had to rip this project off. I don't know how many times I changed my mind about it. But in the end I decided to stick to hook only and crochet the whole thing. And I think it was a good decision.

Joining the fabric was tricky since I'm hopeless at sewing. It took me few days to gather my courage to pull out my sewing machine from the depth of my wardrobe. Few tears here and few swears there and it was done. It is not perfect, it actually is very, very imperfectly sewn but I like it anyway. I only hope I get a chance to wear it. Summer in Scotland doesn't seem to be very summery...

Project notes:
Yarn: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK, one skein
Hook: 3 mm
Fabric: 100% cotton bought on sale in John Lewis
5 mother pearl buttons for closure


  1. The tunic is lovely! I'm a big fan of pearl buttons!

  2. Love this so much - no one will EVER notice any imperfections. It's too wonderful!

  3. wow, that is absolutely stunning!! what a brilliant idea, and the top looks just perfect.

  4. totally lovely, Kasia!
    PS I know all about crochet frustration ...

  5. This turned out so beautifully! It's very very lovely! Well done!

  6. It's lovely! The parallel between the familiar crochet scallop stitch and the same print on the fabric is perfect.

  7. Bardzo fajna !!! Ciekawy pomysł i ten deseń na materiale :)

  8. What a lovely detail!
    it looks beautiful. And the color is just perfect :)

    Thank you for visiting my ravelry gallery! You have a wonderful blog!