Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Skill + 1Up - 2KCBWDAY2

Skill + 1UP – 2KCBWDAY2
Look back over your last year of projects and compare where you are in terms of skill and knowledge of your craft to this time last year. Have you learned any new skills or forms of knitting/crochet (can you crochet cable stitches now where you didn’t even know such things existed last year? Have you recently put a foot in the tiled world of entrelac? Had you even picked up a pair of needles or crochet hook this time last year?

Hmm.. Let's see...
1. Cables.
I tried to knit them last year and fell in love with them. I always thought it was difficult to knit cables. Err... So easy! And they always look great.

2. Fair isle knitting.
Exactly around this time last year I was working on my Paper Dolls sweater. It was my very first fair isle project and I actually finished it but the final result was quite disappointing. I followed the pattern closely and the body came out perfect while the yoke looked pretty bad. It was too large on me plus I had problems with stranding the yarn on the left side of the work; my dolls were pretty "tight". I decided to rip the yoke off and before I realized, I'd ripped off half of the sweater. It is now waiting for a better time. I'm planning on knitting it again some time this year, customizing the yoke. I love the pattern (very well written and clear instructions) and I really don't want to waste that fantastic yarn (Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply).

What I learnt from this project:
- i-cord cast on/cast off
- corrugated rib
- short rows 

3. Crochet.
I've always been in love with all the crochet things and always wanted to learn this craft but for some reason I am not able to understand much about it. Honestly, I believe it is a sort of magic with a hook instead of a wand. I'm self-taught knitter and it is quite easy for me to learn new things about knitting but when it comes to crochet, it becomes a problem. You know what's ironic? I had crochet lessons when I was in secondary school and never had knitting lessons.
Last year I finally decided to face crochet. I was determined to make this fantastic blanket. And guess what? I actually managed to work out the stitches! Ok, ok, I know, this pattern is only about double crochet, chain, treble but I feel happy anyway. I've been working on my first crochet blanket for few months now, taking it easy. I really enjoy working with hook. 

This year I'd really love to finally learn to knit socks as well as lace shawls... And explore crochet a bit more!


  1. Ech, trzeba było się zapisać na ten tydzień, ale NaBloPoMo trochę mnie wykończyło. Może następnym razem.
    Czuję to samo do szydełka. Niby umiem coś tam wyszydełkować, ale jakoś druty szybciej łapię. A jeszcze rok temu było odwrotnie. Z tym, ze widzę Ty masz o wiele więcej zacięcia.
    Warkocze, skarpetki i ażury były dla mnie kiedyś czymś totalnie abstrakcyjnym, ale wszystkiego można się nauczyć :-)
    Czekam zatem na Twoje skarpeciochy i szale.

  2. Lete: do szydelka mam zaciecie, bo nie lubie miec rozgrzebanych projektow... Robie kocyk dla Gajki, mial byc na jej drugie urodziny (prawie trzy miesiace temu), ale wolno mi idzie. Jest nadzieja, ze skoncze go, zanim mi dziecko na studia wyjedzie...

  3. I'd love to knit a Paper Dolls sweater, it's such a cute pattern.

  4. you've definitely 1 upped your skills, for sure!! your crochet blanket is look amazing.

  5. Kasia - walk AWAY from the socks ! Put the socks down, Kasia ! Do you realize the black hole that they are ?? :-)

  6. I love thhose crochet squares. I'm so envious, I can't master crochet. If I have to learn a new knitting technique, no problem, but crochet eludes me.

  7. Likewise! I can't believe I'd never seen your blog before! You can count on another regular reader! :)

  8. Your crochet blocks look lovely, I can never get past two or three blocks, I always get bored.

    The colours you chose for your paper dolls are beautiful - I hope you do re-knit it. Blocking really helps even out fair isle that is a little puckered, but if you're a perfectionist a re-do is always a more satisfying option.

    You'll have no trouble with socks I don't think. Everything else here is so great, they won't be any different.

  9. Oh! So beautiful! all your work is so lovely!