Monday, 10 January 2011

Sweet rainbow.

Few days ago I hand dyed yarn for the very first time. For a log time now I've been thinking about extending my knitting passion and starting to dye yarn and this was my first little step into this direction. I decided to use Kool Aid kit for my first dyeing experience just to see if it really is such a fun as some other fellow bloggers and knitters have revealed.

Well, it was. I enjoyed every moment of it. I had a little accident though, I clumsily dropped one of the glasses (it slipped from my hand) but luckily nothing else got stained but yarn.

I was a bit worried how to heat up the yarn since I don't own a microwave. In the end I decided to use my oven. I "baked" the yarn for about 20 minutes in my Pyrex dish, checking every now and then. I think this was the hardest part for me. I wasn't sure when it was time to take it out but I guess I did well: the yarn didn't felt and the colours look fine.

I have six sachets of Kool Aid left so I might be using them very soon.

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