Friday, 7 January 2011

Knitting in 2011.

My knitting resolutions and goals for 2011:

1. Knit my stash down. I have unhealthy tendency of buying new yarn whenever I enter any yarn shop. I never leave empty handed and usually buy yarn even without a project planned for it. It's time to use my stash and make some space.

2. Knit few little garments (mittens or scarves) for my best friends and at least one big shawl for my Mum.

3. Learn new technics and stitches. In 2010 I taught myself quite a few new stitches and fell in love with cables. I'd like to knit some more lace projects this year.

4. knit at least one pair of socks. Why only one? I have never knitted socks before but I think it would be good to try and learn but at the same time I think I will not be able to fall in love with knitting socks. I do admire other knitters' socks and beautiful sock yarns available but I can't imagine knitting them in a big quantity. Still, knowing how to knit socks might be useful.

5. Knit more of my own ideas and writing them down. Maybe publish some of my patterns.

6. Try to hand dye yarn.

7. Try not to handle to many WIPs at the same time.

8. I will try to keep this blog updated. I had a knitting blog once but it didn't survive. I write about my knitting every now and then on my daily blog but since knitting has become such a big passion of mine I'd like to keep track of my knitting adventure in one place. We'll see.

Happy knitting in 2011!

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