Thursday, 7 October 2010

Circle in a square.

I mentioned before (here) that art of crochet is a real mystery to me and I truly admire crocheters for their magical skills. Knitting always seemed to be a piece of cake for me if I compared it to my fruitless tries with crochet hook. While I'm able to learn new knit stitch and technics very fast, I could never understand the basic crochet stitches. Until I saw this:

photo by Tamara (click on the photo to be transfered to her beautiful blog)

When I first saw this blanket, I knew I want one too. It's just so cosy and colorful and I thought it would be a nice gift for G. So I decided to give crochet yet another try. And another... and another... It took a while until this mysterious tr finally stopped being a trouble and became treble. Finally, I have learnt how to crochet.

So now I'm making lots and lots of colorful circles and I can't stop. And then I close them in a square with pale yellow yarn. I like the result and I can't wait to comlete the whole blanket. I think I'm already addicted ;)


  1. this is a beautiful blanket, good luck with it. it seems that the art of crocheting is spreading through the blogosphere... is it my turn to give it a go :)

  2. I'm cheering for you! i cant wait to see your finished project! if you have any questions about crocheting feel free to ask me :) i teach both knitting and crochet at a community college :)

  3. I don't knwo how to crochet either, and this blanket (and others like it) have been so inspiring!! that's awesome that you're learning, and your circles look great.

  4. This is so beautiful Kasia, thank you so much for the links! It will be the nicest gift for G. I'm finishing an hexagon blanket for Rebecca, and I can see that this circle in the square becoming my next project.
    PS it just bucketed down here, no landslides or anything, thanks for asking!

  5. Haha, I know exactly what you're in, 'cause I started knitting again two weeks ago! My first (failed) attempts were in my teen-ages, and I had to reach my mid-30s to restart and suddenly gain fun out of it! Now I'm addicted, too, knitting my 2nd scarf within only two weeks! ;o))
    Just go ahead and let us know about the results!!

  6. it's going to be beautiful.
    i've always had the same problem. i jsut cannot figure out how to crochet. it seems absolutely impossible. but.....maybe you;ve inspired me to try again :)

  7. Thank you all for nice comments!

    Polly: yes, give it a go: I find crocheting very relaxing.

    Dezarae: thank you for offering your help. If I have any questions, I will know where to look for answers. Thank you :)

    Cyndi:it took me so many tries until I finally understood crochet basics... Don't give up!

  8. Good for you for sticking with the crochet - I'm the same - it took me forever to learn, but I'm so glad I did!

  9. Awww congrats :> I wish I could knit. I know how but I seem to be a tight knitter and an impatient one as well. I can crochet quite easily. I'll trade you!

  10. Best of luck to you on your blanket, I love what I'm seeing so far! I've been working on a hexagon afghan for a while now. I made a cushion with a similar crochet motif for my Mother a few months ago also.

    I love your blog, so pretty!