Thursday, 20 May 2010


The promised post about Isabella Plantation is coming soon, I just wanted to share my latest finished project that went off my needles yesterday. It's just a simple cardigan that I knit for G., nothing special and yet special a lot- I think she looks so cute in it. I love its color too- I realized that purple has been one of my favourite colors lately.

It was such an easy knitting project and I'm so happy with the result. It really feels good to see my girl wearing a garment made with my own hands. Because of its color, I named it "Aubergine".

She seems to like the little shell buttons...

I have been knitting a lot recently and I guess I'll be posting here about my knitting adventures- due to limited time for blogging I'm no longer able to keep up my knitting blog.


  1. That is the most beautiful thing I have seen! I LOVE everything about it. You are such a talented knitter. xo

  2. Really beautiful Kasia! I love how everything in your little one's portrait is white, aubergine and brown (adorable ribbon in her hair). What pattern is it?

  3. Aubergine is a lovely color and makes such a beautiful sweater - YOU make a beautiful sweater!