Saturday, 14 November 2009

What's on my needles, whan's gonna be...

...another words: little knitting update

* At the moment I have at least five projects in progress but have been working mainly with one: green jumper for C. It is almost done, just need to knit another sleeve and sew it all together. It's resting at the moment as I run out of yarn (I'm knitting it a bit longer than pattern suggests). I have ordered missing yarn and, while waiting, I started hat for C. It's going to be just a basic stocking stitch hat with ribbed edge.

* It's official now: I am a real yarnoholic. I went to get some fresh fruits and veggies this morning and of course I came back home with a bag of new yarn. Didn't really plan it; the idea of knitting a shawl for C.'s mum for Christmas popped into my mind just like that. I got eight skeins of Giunco again in purple. Not really my colour but I think C's mum will like it. We'll see. I really want to give her something hand-made and shawl seems to be a good idea.

Laines Du Nord
100% merino wool
Needles: 3.5mm-4mm
Gauge: 23 st/33 rows
Color: 919

I think I will try to knit Travelling Woman shawl with this yarn. I haven't decided yet ast here are so many patterns and it's difficult to choose.

* Yesterday I learnt to knit grecian plait stitch; it took me a while to work it out but I do like the result. I'll be knitting grecian plait sweater by Rebacca Hatcher as soon as I'm finished with my current work in progress.

* I also ordered yarn for my Paper Dolls project. Just can't wait for it to arrive!

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