Sunday, 5 July 2009

Last Friday I went to a street market. The market takes place every Friday morning and it's only 5 minutes walk from us- can you believe that in 8 months I'd never been there before? I guess, I'm not a morning person then, especially on Fridays. The market itself is nothing special, just few stalls with clothes and bags but among them I found a stall with yarns and threads. I just can't pass a place like this without stopping. I think I'm a real yarn addict, I can spend hours, searching on the net for yarn and patterns and visiting all creative and beautiful knitting sites. My stash of yarn is growing rapidly and I just wish I had more time to work on my projects. At the moment I'm working on two: a cardigan for our baby G. and a jumper for C. and I have about seven other projects waiting... This doesn't stop me from getting new yarn- I left the market with this pink yarn for yet another knitted thing for G.

There also was a stall with fabrics that I found interesting and I must admit that I'd love to try to sew; something easy I guess, like pillow cases or simple bags. My sister used to sew so I have a bit of idea but I know I would have to re-learn many things. Yesterday we went to see some sewing machines but the one we liked was a little too expensive for us so we decided to buy it in Poland when we go in August. It will be much more convenient and I will ask my sister to help us to chose the right one.


PS Thank you all for nice comments on my last post. Red beets post is coming soon- I'm working on it :)


  1. I wish I had the patience to knit. I admire the work and love that goes into making beautiful pieces out of yarn. I'm not known to be good with a sewing machine, in fact there is always silence with my mom and husband lately when I mention I'm thinking about trying to sew again. LOL... Let me just say having a sewing machine near me is a dangerous weapon. LOL... But maybe with the desire to really learn, things could be different.
    Enjoy my friend! xoxo

  2. Looking forward to your red beet post, and finally learning how to use them in the kitchen (and not for baby art!). Would a sewing machine be cheaper in Poland? How about servicing it though, and spare parts ect? Whereever you end up buying it, it's a great investment, especially with a little girl grown!

  3. the next time you go take your camera... please... i bought my sewing machine on one of my summer vacations also... happy day kasia!

  4. sounds like a great market :) so much fun it will be with a sewing machine. i'm sure you'll make wonderful things!

    looking forward to the red beets :)

  5. I normal do that just before the winter buy a lot of yarn