Sunday, 24 May 2009

* had a long, hot and foamy bath with mask on my face, glass of wine and book (so relaxing…)
* slept properly (with a few months old baby it doesn’t happen too often ;) )
* spent whole Saturday out with my little family
* have cut my hair (it feels so good now)
* bought new summer dress (can’t wait to wear it)
* found new shop with organic food (and left with heavy bags)
* baked some scones for Sunday breakfast and had them with apricot jam (my favourite)
* have made a plan to make my own apricot jam (strawberry or cherry or all of them)
* played Scrabble with C. (he won)
* had asparagus and egg for Sunday lunch (I love asparagus)
* baked spicy oat biscuits (so delicious!)
* kept filling up our flat with tasty smells (the smell of freshly made coffee while the cookies were still in the oven- even more delicious)
* did some knitting (the back of G’s new cardigan is finished )


  1. that sounds like a wonderful sunday

  2. Yes it does ... and that biscuit on the phtoto looks very delicious :-)

  3. mmm, i love asparagus too. i pretty much would have loved to do all the stuff on this list. i think i'll make that a check list for a sunday to come :)

    here's to a great new week ~ trinsch

  4. Lots of baking! Proper sleep does wonders, I hope that's the trend. I'm contemplating a haircut too, but it took me two years to grow it so that I can tie it and just forget about it ...

  5. I'm always happy too finding new organic shops!
    I love scones!
    apricot jam is one of my favourites as well!
    scrabble is one of my favourite games!
    aspargus are perfect!
    I love oat biscuits as well! (they mostly aren't so sweet as others are...)

    I have to recognize we have a lot in common!

  6. sounds and looks like the perfect sunday.:)

  7. I love the asparagus picture, looks like it's taken straight out of some fancy magazine...pretty, pretty!!
    Sounds you had a lovely day ;)