Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter to everyone!

C. is preparing la torta pasqualina and I am fooling around with my camera. We're having very lazy and relaxing Easter Sunday and I hope you are all enjoying your day :)

Torta pasqualina is a traditional Easter dish from Liguria. It is made with pastry and special stuffing: a mix of ricotta cheese, parmesan, onion, olive oil and bietole (or spinach). The characteristic thing about torta pasqualina is that you bake whole eggs in it. It's considered as an appetizer on Easter Sunday and it's very tasty.


  1. this looks like it's going to be something really good. is it a spinache egg pie. please do share :))

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  3. This looks fabulous! Happy belated Easter!

  4. ah, you added the recipe. sounds amazing! must try and do this and since i'm i guess it's ok to do it even though easter is over now :) with our own chicken eggs :))